Barbara Floyd's Property Tax Reduction Specialists

The History of Property Tax Reduction Specialists

Back in 1991, Barbara held her first assessment appeal on her own home. She noticed that property owners were struggling with understanding the property tax appeal process. They felt that their property tax assessments were too high, but needed help to figure out how to approach the assessment process.

She observed that many commercial property owners were unsure how to appeal their taxes and further, they needed to be spending their time working in their own businesses and their own areas of expertise, instead of dealing with these property taxes and assessments. She understood that while many people work hard at paying only their fair share of Income Tax, very few knew how to make sure they paid only their fair share of Property Tax.

So with a deep desire to help others, Barbara focused her expertise on property taxes and assessments — more specifically, commercial, investment, and residential rental property taxes — and Property Tax Reduction Specialists was formed.

Clients Say…

“Barbara’s experience and professionalism with the appeal process saved [us] over $68,000 in property taxes…”

Twenty three years later, Barbara is very proud that after so many years of successfully helping her clients to reduce their property taxes, most of her new business is through referrals from her existing clients! She has helped more than 1000 different clients through more than 20,000 appeals, ranging from owners with just one property to owners with 300 properties, and with assessments ranging from $10,000 to $25 million!

Barbara’s mission is to help you to be assured that you are paying no more than your fair share of real estate property taxes in Maryland.